Caught up in Us - Lauren Blakely

Caught up in Us

By Lauren Blakely

  • Release Date: 2013-01-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 299 Ratings


Discover the sizzling, sexy and thrillingly romantic New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Caught Up in Love series by Lauren Blakely, the author of Seductive Nights! With CAUGHT UP IN US, Lauren Blakely introduces you to the sexy and fun contemporary romance series about a tight-knit group of friends who one by one fall in love...

A second chance at first love...
Five years ago, Kat Harper fell into a dizzying summer romance with her brother's best friend Bryan. It was a mad, crazy love full of kisses all through the night -- but he broke her heart and she had to move on. Five years later, Kat is finishing her graduate degree and building her business as a jewelry designer, when Bryan, head of his own successful company, walks back into her life. Bryan has been assigned to Kat as her new business mentor and the rules are clear. No hanky panky permitted. Kat can handle that because she's totally over him... right? Except, he still makes her laugh, and he remembers all the things she likes. Not to mention that he's even more handsome now than he was then. Then there's the spark between them -- the simply undeniable chemistry, and the tender ways he shows he still cares for her. Can they resist each other the second time around or will first love trump all?

*CAUGHT UP IN US is the first novel in the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling CAUGHT UP IN LOVE series. Each book can be read as a standalone, though you will likely enjoy the other books in the series.*

BOOK 1: CAUGHT UP IN US (Bryan & Kat's story)
BOOK 2: PRETENDING HE'S MINE (Reeve & Sutton's story)
BOOK 3: TROPHY HUSBAND (Chris & McKenna's story)
BOOK 4: STARS IN THEIR EYES (William & Jess' story) 


  • Charming...

    By Nini0322
    This a charming love story of young true love never forgotten but it is also a story about moving on and through life challenges and turning perceived “mistakes” into growing experiences.
  • Good stupid girly book

    By daphmore
    Good stupid girly book for those of you who like those (me).
  • Caught up in us

    By Gymmom05
    Loved the storm and your writing was superb. Really enjoyed the story.
  • Caught up in Us by Lauren Blakely

    By Pleased_dt
    Loved this book. It was enjoyable to watch Kat and Bryan over come their family obstacles and find love. Lauren Blakely is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.
  • Caught Up in Us

    By PJSPhotogirl
    The characters are sweet.
  • 一1

    By Ling Huang
    1一 一%
  • Caught up on Us

    By Laurie-7-10-78
    Excellent book! I've read some of her other books and they are all awesome! Very good plots and a lot of super steamy scenes make a great read!
  • First loves second chance?

    By janice1231
    A Review of Caught Up In Us by Lauren Blakely First loves second chance? - 5++ stars If you read the prequel, you know that Bryan ended up breaking Kat's heart after a couple of weeks of refreshing innocent love. She just couldn't figure out what really happened - why he pulled away from her and let her go. Five years later, Kat has moved on (at least as far as she can) and is finishing her MBA. Her business has grown and she is ready to get her business to the point that she can help her parents. Bryan has followed Kat during the five years they have been apart and he is finally ready to try and touch base with her again. After talking to his sister, he finally ends up back at NYU's business department to take up a mentorship. Little does he know that Kat will be in the class that he is mentoring or that he will be paired with her. When Kat sees him, she does her best to ignore him and act like she has never met him. When her professor pairs them together, she even tries to request a change of mentor. There are a lot of twists and turns in this storyline, with the characters well defined. The chemistry is still there between them and they are both having a hard time resisting each other. I loved these characters and look forward to reading more from this author. Favorite quote: "He was my first favorite mistake." **Great Purchase**
  • Books and BOOKS

    By Aimarel
    Well this one is one of the BOOKS. My what a beautiful story. Ms. Blakely blew my mind with how believable the characters are and how much a first love can affect your life. This is a keeper.
  • The delivery if this story was long and tedious. Not a great plot.

    By Annmric8
    The business talk is not helping form a connection for me. In fact, I'm skimming through that part. Plot is definitely drab. Way too much business talk. This is supposed to be a romance not a business venture. The pretending to be be with one another is absurd. Adults acting this way is preposterous. What happens behind closed doors is no one else's business. I'm not finding this story concept appealing. I did not care for the delivery of the story. It's one thing to be focused and driven and another when someone can either be apart of those choices or step back and let you go. Bryan's reasons and choices for leaving were excuses. Talking and sharing ideas works best. This story lacked in the romance department. Too much time was spent trying to acquire the business degree, business investors, and the jewelry line.